Well, I didn’t even know he was famous.

Recently I mentioned that I had a story about a lunch at “Pig Toy” restaurant near Ann Arbor. I also mentioned that it happened on April 1, but I was informed by my darling daughter that it actually happened on April 2 (so I’m not too good at math). Anyway, after our trip to Hell we decided that we could use some lunch so we stopped at the aforementioned “Pig Toy” restaurant. During our lunch we noticed that some of the waitresses kept discretely looking our way. A guy that appeared to be the manager kept wandering over our way and wiping off a clean table at the same time he was kinda looking at us out of the corner of his eye, then going back to talk to the waitresses. Weird because we were all dressed as appropriate, had our shoes on, no one was crying, throwing food, picking their nose, no one was stinky, making any loud noises, or causing any commotion of which we were aware. Finally our waitress came over and leaned down to whisper at our table “I understand you’re the guy that started the “hash bash”  that’s what my manager said” –  to which hubby replied “Huh??? What??? No! What the hell are you talking about???”   As soon as she left, another waitress (about 15 years old – what would/should she know about the hash bash?) did the same thing.  We also noticed that the waitresses had all clustered into a little knot over by the kitchen area and we’re eyeing us too. Some were whispering and giggling. By this time we finally figured out that it was the 1st Saturday in April and in Ann Arbor that means Hash Bash!! Now granted my hubby is not a real young guy anymore and he has very long hair and kinda looks like an aging hippy, but he sure wasn’t the founder of the Hash Bash (you can google this if you don’t know what it is). By the time we left the restaurant – even the cooks were eyeing us. Good thing we aren’t paranoid! I can only guess that no one believed that he wasn’t the famous hash bash founder.  Apparently the “Pig Toy” restaurant doesn’t give a discount to famous or suspected famous people because they had no problem presenting the bill.  So, we just paid for lunch,  climbed back into the HHR (a real aging hippy vehicle) and laughed our collective asses off!  A good time was had by all – even if we did miss the hash bash.