Ta-Da Secret Squirrel Project

A while ago I alluded to a Secret Squirrel Project (SSP) that I was working on and at that time it still wasn’t finished. Well, I finally got it (them actually) done and delivered to my intended targets/recipients. These are the SSP photos:

This is my oldest brother, R and his fantastic wife S. As you can probably see, R is wearing some unusual headgear, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s a halo actually. He and S were in a terrible car accident on Dec 8 in another state as they were on their way to visit their son and his family for christmas. R has a broken neck and S had/has terrible deep bruising and now she has rather severe back issues. The good thing is that they weren’t killed. If you saw the photos of the vehicle, you wouldn’t believe they survived. Anyway, this is my representation of them.  His halo is made from a piece of plastic milk carton, plumbing thing, screws, and skewers. I put some silver thread in S’s beautiful red hair and people asked if she would be offended, she knows she has some silver hair so it really wasn’t that much of a surprise to her. Which brings us to:

Brother #2, another R and fantastic S, (different names but same initials – we’re not quite that redneck). R has longish hair on the back of his head only. The top is very shiny but since he wears a hat all the time it’s always a surprise to people that he’s pretty much bald. S has long lovely brown hair also with streaks of silver and again, she knows it’s there and not at all offended. S is known around our little bitty (as in 2 stop signs, on for eastbound and one for westbound on the only crossroad) for wearing her nightgown up to the only store in town when she needs to make a quick trip early in the day, so that’s why she’s wearing a nighty. Which brings us to:

Brother #3, yet again another R, but he’s known as B, so this is B and our fantastic C. B and C are very tall and thin which you really can’t tell from these pictures, but trust me, they can’t cast a shadow on a July afternoon. B also has kinda long hair – in the back – not so much uptop. He wanted to know if I ran out of hair when I was making him, but I just said he ran out of hair growing up. Much laughter… C has long long gorgeous legs and wears shorts all summer long. If I had her legs, I’d probably just wear panties and skip the shorts so I could show ’em off.  This is a family portrait – minus me and the hubby:

These are the people that I know will have my back and I theirs, thru thick or thin, feast or famine, or anything the world can toss our way. If you knew my family you’d know that we are a force of nature. We will feed you, hug you, house you, teach you, learn from you, mourn with you,  or kick your ass depending on what is necessary. The past few months have been a bit trying for all of us with accidents, illnesses, and aging parents, but we all are in it together no matter what. I also need to mention that the boys are all firefighters and I’m so very proud of them! My dad is a retired firefighter too. Flames run in their veins.  This concludes my very uncharacteristic soul bearing…

I was very surprised that so many people questioned if these were voodoo dolls or if they would be offended by the halo, silver threads in the girls hair, the boys’ baldness, and the nightgown thing. I didn’t think the dolls were weird at all and the family apparently like them so I guess it’s ok.

I finally decided what I was going to make for my 2012 (yeah, I know were almost 5 months into 2012) blogsite address giveaway. Last year I made little tiny babies and left them around various locations  for people to find. They all had my blog address on a little label and I was hoping that the finders would update me with baby news, where they were found,  where they live now, if they were named, or just to say “hey, I found one of your stupid little dolls” but alas, the only one that responded was my daughter and her cat was using it as a toy, sigh… but, again I digress, this year I’m making fridge magnets out of little leftover scraps of fabric, lace, and buttons. I’ll be leaving them around and if you happen to find one, please let me know – please…. I’m begging you, just a little note, you don’t have to say much and I promise I’ll never stalk you.

On another note, the tie bag pictures that I mentioned a while ago have finally show up so here’s a quick look:

This is the tie and assorted background crap. I cut it up and 5 minutes (hahahaha) later I had this:

These bags are fun, easy, and cheap – just like me!

This is all for now. We’ll talk again soon…