Blue plastic eyes

I just got back from one of the funniest shenanigans ever. Apparently these doll people are also hoarders of “stuff” and one of the traditions during the extravaganza is a free stuff / swap meet. I pulled up my big girl panties and braved the crowd. Using my extra sensory perception and my feeble eyesight, I realized that the other side of the hall didn’t have anyone in line waiting for the whistle to blow (yes, really, a whistle) so I quickly ran over and made it just in time for the starting whistle. I was about 2nd in line for about a second then it was just a blur. I clearly don’t have the chops to fight off people that really really really want free stuff. When the smoke cleared I somehow found that I had aquired about 600 blue plastic eyes, a couple of magazines, a chunk of real leather (score!), a pattern for a fairy, some beads and sparkly things, a whole package of hand needles, other assorted treasures – and a bag of feathers!! I claim no knowledge of most of these items and I’m sure someone just stuck them in my bag when I wasn’t looking. I didn’t see any cops or EMT’s so I’m assuming everyone got out with most of their limbs attached and minimal fistfights over that last crumpled piece of off-white lace and the package of 137 brown monkey eyes.

I’m packing out in the morning so back to my busy real life. This weekend was a much needed mini vacation and I had a blast.


Art Dolls !!!

I’m down here in Ohio and have spent most of the day looking at some of the most amazing art dolls you’ll ever see. I can not adequately express the creativity and execution of these lovely things. Each one is breathtaking…I will try my best to actually sign up for classes in 2013 – if at all possible. This is my first trip to this type of doll show and I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve spoken to many lovely artists and one in particular that really stands out is named Kevin Buntin ( He was wonderful and a true master of his art. One of his students was also showing and her work was fantastic also. Kevin’s (yes, were on a 1st name basis now – although I never introduced myself) wife makes beautiful beaded jewerly and she’s really pretty! Ok- now I just sound like a weirdo – anyway – Can you tell I’m really geeked about this show! I cannot wait to get home and get all of the ideas that are just wandering around in my brain out where I can see them (great sentence structure there, huh).

Rumor has it that babies are being found all over…I hope they have a good life and send me their story.

till next time…

I’m back – sorta

Well, I made it to Hell and back and sold some handbags along the way. I am still really busy but took a couple of days off to attend the Art Doll Extravaganza currently being held in Columbus, Ohio. It appears that itty bitty babies – about the size of my little finger (I know you probably don’t know how big my little finger is but it’s pretty small) have been making an appearance around the hotel, a Pizza Hut, random rest areas, and wherever else I’ve been. If you happen to find one, it has my blog address on it and I’d like to hear from you and I’d like to know the babys name and what state it’ll be living in from now on – or if you just tossed it – I’d like to know that too. I had a tremendous amount of fun creating these babies and i really wish my daughter wasn’t working so much overtime and could show me how to post pics (subtle hint – love you shell). Someday I’ll get it together….

When I get a few minutes, I’m gonna tell you about our lunch on April 1, 2011(very important date that I’ll explain – unless you’re from Ann Arbor then you probably already know) at a resturant near Hell that rhymes with “Pig Toy”. It involves me, my hubby, my daughter, various waitresses, cooks, and the guy that appeared to be the manager.

Be back soon I promise.