Handbags for Hell – or what have I done now?

So last weekend we decided to take a trip to Hell, MI to mail a 50th birthday card because that’s what sane people do – right? Anyway we took the 2 hour drive to Hell, which is really a cute little place with a couple of storefronts, a chapel, a creek, and what appears to be a bar/restaurant on the other side of the creek.

As we were wandering around I spied a pink flamingo that was actually a black flamingo that looks like a skelton and of course I had to buy him because I’m all kinds of Klassy! As I was paying for said flamingo the lady (Pat) that was taking my money ($7.95 I think) told me she loved my purse. I happened to be carrying my Shamrock bag due to St. Patricks day. Pat asked where I got it and I told her that I made it. She then asked if I would be interested in making some in the hell theme to sell in Hell. Well, hell yes! So I signed on to make a few to see how things go.  Hopefully this will go well.

As luck would have it I was also asked to provide something for a silent auction for a fund raiser during the spagetti dinner for my hometown fire department and of couse anything I can do for them I will. My entire family is or has been firefighters or involved in starting the department many years ago.  I have the auction items almost accomplished already!

Then… on Saturday I was asked if I wanted to share a booth at a semi-local dog/pet adoption fundraiser type thing. Again, I said yes because I may be insane or under the delusion that I can sew telepathically and get all this done while I’m at my real job that pays money.

Along with the above, the artist and craft market that I’m involved in will be reopening on April 14th, and I may be a bit behind on some things I need to accomplish for that  too.

So it looks like I’m going to be sewing my dainty little fingers to the bone in the next few weeks.  If you don’t hear from me please send coffee, cookies, and chocolate in almost any form. If I don’t respond to the coffee, cookies, or chocolate please contact the undertaker and bury me in my sweats with a needle and some thread.


Hi – I’m new here.

Well, this is my very first blog post. I should probably introduce myself and let you know a little about me.

My name is Linda and I’m a middle aged fabric hoarder, compulsive fabric, yarn, bead, and “stuff”  purchaser and I love to cut the fabric into small pieces and sew it back up again. I am primarily an art quilter but I also make handbags, sock monkeys, crochet stuff, dye fabric, and sometimes I just play with fabric to see what happens. I also like to  add sparkly things to all of the above. As I’ve said many, many times, I think somehow  some magpie DNA crossed into the family lineage and showed up in me – the rest of the family appears to be fairly normal.

I’ll be posting pictures at some point when I figure out how to get them from the camera to this page. Magic may be involved but I’m not sure.

If you don’t like an occasional swear word you may have to close your eyes while reading my ramblings, but I’ll try to behave and act the way my Momma raised me but no real guarantees on that.

I welcome comments but if you just need to be mean you can go sit somewhere else. If you want to be nice, come sit by me.

Hello world!

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