Update on the blue plastic eyes.

So I decided to make an eye-bag (i-bag) for a birthday gift in an attempt to use up some of the hundreds of blue plastic eyes that I managed to aquire a few months ago. The bag is just a simple little make-up type bag with a zipper and a detachable little strap complete with a clip to attach it to anything you want. Once  I finished snapping on the ten thousandth (well it felt like 10,000 anyway) back onto the eyeball stem and the feeling came back to my fingers I took a good look and said “damn, that’s kinda creepy”.  Ahhh, the perfect birthday gift! The recepient of the gift is used to getting let’s say “unusual” gifts from me her entire life. As an added bonus she has added a wonderful, kind, and easily amused spouse to the unusual gift recepient list. (I’m sure he thinks I’m nuts – but that’s ok.) Anyway, back to the eye-bag, the last time I was updated on it’s contents – it contained the all important emergency girl stuff that husbands are loath to buy and try to bribe random strangers to actually make the purchase, so it’s being put to good use and it’s almost guaranteed no one else will walk off with it because of the aforementioned creepy factor.

Now that summer has flown by in a heartbeat and fall is falling all over my yard, I hope to actually spend some time bonding with this blog and I hope to not let it die of neglect. I despise winter and only go out in it because I have  to go to work or get supplies (no work – no supplies) so I’ll attempt to bore you with my winter whining on a regular basis.