Crafty Day & Even More Dolls & What the hell was I thinking – again?

When I last posted a couple of weeks ago I alluded to a 12 hour craft day that I attended with Little Orphan Skein at our local cancer center. 1st I have to tell you that Little Orphan Skein is not an actual orphan, but she does have a tendency to adopt all sorts of unloved, single, lonely, apparently orphaned skeins of yarn hence the blog name. Anyway, when she asked me to go with her my 1st thought was hell yeah I wanna do that, then I thought what am I thinking – 12 hours??? I can’t do ANYTHING for 12 hours! Since I had already committed and didn’t want to admit that I might be too old to SIT FOR 12 HOURS, I bit the bullet and started packing. You’d think I was actually packing for a trip to the ends of the earth with no crafty stuff available for all the crap I stuffed into a large rolling suitcase. I also took: an iron, ironing board, sewing machine, aspirin, band-aids, pepsi, hard candy, and a large dose of optimism. There were quite a few women already there when we arrived. Since they knew I was a sewer I had a very large area to myself because apparently they knew I’d fill it up within just a few minutes. My crap does tend to expand into any free space available. I’d show you a picture of my sewing studio – but my pride won’t let me, and our insurance rates would probably skyrocket to say nothing of the possibility of “hoarders” film crew showing up at the front door. Anyway, back to the crafty day – I’ve never been in a room with so many women – that were so damn quiet! It was spooky…My fantastic fiber art group (  which consists of about 8 or so regulars is about 5000 times noisier than this group of around 20 – 25 very serious scrapbookers. I don’t know if scrapbooking is a very serious occupation or if this was just a fluke, but it was really odd. They spoke in very quiet tones about animals, vacations, and children at various stages of life and what kind of background and stickers they needed, had, used, and/or wanted. Various types of glue and scissors are involved too. There was 1 other sewer and she made the most beautiful quilt top during the day. Of course I have no pictures of any of it, but if Little Orphan Skein wishes to post her picture of our spaces, she is welcome – hint, hint… We had a great time and even won a few prizes. I came in 3rd in the bra decorating contest and Little Orphan Skein won a carriage ride along with wine & cheese tasting just in time for her wedding anniversary! Score!!

Apparently the doll making thing is still running rampant through my mind because I read a little blurb in the home section of a newspaper during my lunch break on Friday that had to do with African Inspired Wrap Dolls and that was all I could think of for the rest of the day. In fact I even contemplated leaving work early to go home and make dolls, but I really couldn’t come up with a believable excuse. I tried: sick, too hot in the office, shoes hurt, bad hair afternoon, whining, sulking, too cold in the office, bored, overworked, too stressed, weather, wrong outfit, didn’t wanna drive home in the holiday traffic, and everything else I could think of…I stayed all day – sigh… When I got home I was itching to make dolls but it had to be put off until late evening because for some reason the world doesn’t just stop because I wanna make dolls dammit! Finally I was able to start ripping and wrapping and these are the new additions to the troupe:

This is the 1st one. She looks better in real life.

This is #2. I’m not sure what happened to her arms. They turned into little stumpy wads. Hmmm.

This is #3. I think she’s the most successful so far. There is a #4, but she’s too new for pictures.

These girls were very easy and I can see where I may end up with quite a few more. They have a wonderful “feel” to them when they’re done. If I know me-  and I think I do, they’ll probably end up tarted up somewhere down the line. Which brings me to a question for my 1 or 2 loyal readers. Have you ever had an idea that you thought was so spectacular and fantastic that you couldn’t hardly wait to create it – only to find out that it looks like a big steaming pile of cat crap when it actually is finished? Just this weekend I finished a lampshade that I thought would be the best thing since chocolate cake for breakfast, but turned out to be the aforementioned cat crap. Sorry, no picture yet available….. If you tell me about your cat crap creation I may just be persuaded to post a picture….


Edna and the Fireman

A few weeks ago I had yet another birthday. It seems that these are coming around faster and faster every year. This year it happened to fall on a Saturday, which is a day I usually sleep in if at all possible and I will do just about anything to make sleeping in possible. I happen to be part vampire on my Mothers side. Anyway,  when I got up and started the trudge downstairs to the coffee pot, I looked out the window (the entire south end of the house is windows)  into the back yard as I do every morning. Most mornings the view is pretty dark since I still have to get up and go to stupid work. This particular morning the view was a bit different than normal. First of all it was daylight! Then imagine my surprise to see that we had been invaded by flamingos during the night!

Ok I have to confess, this particular pic is not the back yard. That picture is missing at this very moment. This is a picture of the flamingos milling about the sideish (the front of the house actually faces the side of the property) yard. So who the hell is Edna you’re asking – well, Edna is the slightly cranky and difficult one in the middle with with her back to you. Edna does not like to be moved all over the damn yard and everytime you pick her up she sheds at least one, usually both legs. She’s very bossy and will just kick her legs off anytime you grab her and try to make her move so you don’t run her silly ass over with the lawn mower. Sigh, I had no idea flamingos could be so childish. These 24 flamingos are in addition to the 2 in the back yard under the metal birdhouse tree, the skeleton one that lives in a flowerbed, oh, and the 3 or 4 other ones lurking about the property. As soon as the spillway drys up a little more, I think they’ll live over by the river for a while.  If you think this is crazy, you should’ve seen what we did when we had a flock of around 3o pottery/fiber sheep…Now that was fun!

Today is the annual spagetti dinner for my tiny (very, very, tiny) hometown fire department. As part of the festivities they hold a raffle of sorts. This year they have around 150 items that will be raffled off. They sell tickets and you place it in the lunch sack in front of the item that you’re hoping to win. I decided that since I’m still in the doll making mood, I’d make a firefighter all dressed up in his turnout gear. First I made a generic doll like most of the ones I’ve been doing lately. This gives me a blank “canvas” to build on. This guy is wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt made from real jeans and t-shirt that were in the stash. His turnout gear is made from my old spring coat and some dollar store ribbon that was EXACTLY the color I needed. I’ve had the coat that I cannabilized  for around 15 years and decided that if I didn’t cut it up and use it for something else, I’d never get rid of it. I hate clothes shopping and would never do it if at all possible. Anyway, he is as detailed as I could make him. He has hair, boots, bunker pants, red suspenders, his turnout coat, and a helmet that was a huge pain in the ass to make. I had to make a couple of versions of the helmet before I was happy. Everything, with the exception of the insignia on his helmet was made by my hands. The stand was made by my hubby. I came up with a slightly different way of displaying a doll on a stand without having to have that damn ring around the waist that really takes away from the outfit. This is the fireman I made with love to honor my dad, brothers, nephew, uncle, and all active and retired firefighters:

This isn’t the pictue that I was going to post, but I can’t find the one I wanted. I seem to be quite photo challenged lately… I will post better picture when I find them because I am quite proud of this guy and this really doesn’t do him justice.  I hope he makes a lot of money for the firefighters.

Just wait till I tell you about the 12 hour(!) craft day I had with Little Orphan Skein. It was at the local cancer center, of which I am quite fond, since I’ve spent many, many, many hours hanging around while my Mom was getting her chemo. What a long but fun day and I may (fingers crossed) have picked up a commission!  More on that soon…