Firefighter found!

I finally found the missing pictures. Somehow a file got stuck inside another file with the same name. I have absolutely no idea how or why that happened or actually how any of the computer magic works, but hopefully I can get them to post now.

This is his casual look.

A little more buttoned down. Just so you know, the stripe is actually straight in real life but I didn’t notice the crookedness it before the picture was posted….Sigh…

Back view

Back view with the coat and helmet off and showing off the red suspenders. The helmet also has the required face shield but it’s hard to see in the pictures.

The fire is out and he’s safe and sound, so he’s back to just the t-shirt and jeans. I had a person ask why I was putting him in a t-shirt and jeans if I was also putting him in full gear. I told her that I’d never seen a firefighter go out without his pants – but today I found out that apparently there are at least 2 that showed up to a fire like that and were really sorry when they overheated and didn’t have anything under their bunker pants except skivvies. Firefighters can be ruthless in the teasing/harassment area.

I’m pretty happy with how this guy turned out and hopefully we’ve solved the problem of the mysterious disappearing and reappearing pictures forever…


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